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Four Points Proposal Services, LLC


Founded in 2011, 4PS ProposaLogic is a small, woman-owned business with satellite offices in Lawton, OK, near Nashville, TN; and Atlanta, GA.


Each client's specific needs and the specific solicitation requirements dictate how we choose team members for each proposal effort.


We maintain long-term relationships with and have immediate access to trained and experienced technical writers, editors, researchers, graphics developers, typesetters and desktop publishers, project coordinators, subject matter experts, proposal managers, and production/printing experts. We know and trust our team members. Each one signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for every project so that our clients’ proprietary data and intellectual properties are secure.


AJ DePriest has more than 25 years of project management and writing experience. She worked in world healthcare policy analysis and state healthcare legislation development and reform during the Clinton administration, uniting a grass-roots organization in Montana to successfully repeal the state's government-run healthcare laws. They were successful at replacing SB285 with MediChoice, a comprehensive market-based healthcare plan she co-wrote with professionals from the Montana healthcare and insurance industries, the Heritage Foundation, and the National Center for Policy Analysis.


She transitioned to corporate book publishing in 2001, where she delivered consistent reference and electronic bestsellers and managed a quarterly workload of 40+ titles. She managed up to a dozen freelancers for each title and maintained a 100 percent success rate of delivering titles to the printer on time and under budget.


In 2009, AJ parlayed her corporate project management and marketing skills into a successful career in government contracting as a proposal manager, coordinator, technical writer and editor, and compliance and configuration manager. She is a consultant for Shipley Associates and a member of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP).


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