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client rate strategies

ProposaLogic is committed to helping clients stay on budget. So, we offer various rate structures:

  • A la carte service rates (hourly or fixed fee)

  • Suite-of-services rates (hourly or fixed fee)

  • Negotiable rates (hourly or fixed fee)

  • One-year price freeze guarantees (beginning the day first payment is received)


Contract with for a single service (i.e., desktop publishing or editorial only on a specific project) or contract with for a suite of services (i.e., proposal coordination, compliance management, writing, editorial, and graphics services).


Suite pricing offers greater savings on larger projects, as some services are absorbed in the pro forma under other services. For example, many proposal coordination tasks are part of proposal management services and are provided as part of the proposal management package.


Tell us what you think you need and we will tell you how we can help you submit a strong proposal within budget.